We all have fears in our lives. Some smaller, some bigger, and in more severe cases, even phobias and panic attacks. These haunt our lives from childhood to old age and greatly influence our behaviour, personality and relationships with the world around us.

The most common fears and phobias are: fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of open spaces or closed spaces (claustrophobia), fear of heights, fear of needles, phobia of spiders, snakes, etc.

Fear is a destructive, limiting and negative feeling. It occurs when you are in a situation where, subconsciously, you think you can lose or you think you will lose something, maybe even your life.

You are facing fears or phobias, and this is causing anxiety and panic attacks, you don’t have a quality life, you avoid some places or situations because of this?

Hypnotherapy is offering powerful tools to overcome fears and phobias e.g. breathing techniques, positive thinking, coping mechanisms, etc., so book your sessions today!